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We import and export European Regional Products from The Netherlands, Belgium, France,Spain and in the near future from Germany and Poland 


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Hannay Trading Export

We Also Export Used Products from the Netherlands to France and Spain to help the less fortunate obtain an affordable alternative for new expensive purchases . All products will be tested and refurbished .. This initiative also helps the environment by recycling materials.
If you have something what is still usable you can offer this to us by sending an email with a description and a picture .. We thank you for your support !

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Pure Spanish Honey

Miel de Montagne (Mountain Honey) 

Miel el Montsia  (Bush Honey )      

Miel Azahar  (Flower Honey)

Pure Spanish Olive Oil

Vierge ;

Extra Vierge ;

Ecologic (bio) Extra Vierge ;

Computer and Software Solutions Expert

TrackR-Bravo black

            € 25,50

TrackR bravo Details :

Diameter: 31mm

Thickness: 3.5mm

Battery Type: CR1620

Max Battery Life: 1 year

Bluetooth Type: 4.0

Bluetooth Range: Up to 100ft

Crowd GPS Range: World Wide

Device Ringer Volume: Up to 92dB

Materials: Anodized Aluminum, Plastic

Safe for Pets: Yes

Works World Wide: Yes

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